The Ritz-Carlton Cancun: A Dream Like Escape

Growing up I always wanted to stay at The Ritz-Carlton, It always looked so glamorous and fancy but because it was a bit pricey I never did. Even the times I could afford it, I wondered if I would just be paying the extra dollars for the brand name or whether it would actually be worth it. So a few weeks ago Faisal and I had the opportunity to stay at  The Ritz-Carlton Cancun and I can honestly say that it is worth every penny. We only stayed there for 2 nights but we made memories that will last a life time. Honestly being there felt as if we were on our honeymoon again…there was just so much romance in the air! Believe me when I tell you, it was really hard coming back to real life.

Before breaking down the details for you,  I have to say that The Ritz-Carlton Cancun is a perfect honeymoon destination, its a dream like escape. We are actually not big fans of going to the Caribbean for your honeymoon because we feel that going on a 7 day all inclusive trip is pretty common. Nowadays most people have usually have gone on a few of these types of vacations already and we feel that your honeymoon should be something more special. However not everyone has the luxury to take 2-3 weeks off right after their wedding to go to Europe or Asia. And so a lot of couples do what they can.. which is opt for beautiful beaches and sunny weather- I don’t blame them! So if you are on the same boat and looking for that perfect honeymoon destination, or if you are celebrating your anniversary or just wanting to go away for a romantic holiday, you have to look into Ritz-Carlton Cancun. I know what you are thinking…Cancun? Cancun is usually known for its spring breakers and party scene and that’s what I thought too but was wrong. Cancun is has the best beaches and weather and over time it has become one of our favorite places to holiday in.


Other than the obvious, The Ritz-Carlton Cancun offers you the privacy and romance you want on your honeymoon but at the same time its conveniently located on the strip so you can get a taste of the night life and dance the night away together. In addition, there are lots of extra services that the hotel provides that the average Joe may not be aware of (because its not really advertised or mentioned anywhere on their website) These extra services and options is what really sets this hotel apart and is what made us feel like we were living on cloud 9. The hotel really knows how to go above and beyond and they really know how to set the mood.

Some of the services offered:

  • Movie under the stars
  • Private cooking class
  • Dining on the beach
  • Unique culinary experiences

We had the opportunity to do all of the above and all I can say is that it felt like we were the hero and heroines of a romantic movie or better yet we were on The Bachelor.


Its a known fact that The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most luxurious hotels and let me tell you, its every bit luxurious you would expect it to be and then some! As soon as we set foot on the property it felt like we were taken out of the real world and placed in utopia. We felt like we stepped foot in the Titanic, from gorgeous chandeliers to the aroma in the hallways, everything was as glamorous and beautiful as I had imagined.

There are two pools at the property t but the real MVP here is the beach, it’s absolutely gorgeous, its the perfect shade of blue as far as your eyes can see. Its also adorned with private palapas, cabanas and lounge chairs.  Although the resort is on the strip and the beach is public, the beach at Ritz is secluded because there is a 2km of land on each side making it almost private.


Think luxury- think marble floors, Egyptian cotton goose down sheets, dual-sink vanities and panaromaic views of the Caribbean sea. Whats worth noting is that The Ritz-Carlton Cancun is designed in such a way that all the rooms are pretty much ocean views. So no matter what you book, you can’t go wrong. All rooms also feature private balconies or terraces.


The Spa at Ritz is a serene sanctuary. Guests here are pampered by the most lavish amenities including soothing treatment rooms, aromatherapy showers and steam rooms. All the beauty products were exceptionally high end as well, Its as if the staff at The Ritz-Carlton have really though of everything, when you book a service with them, you are given a plush robe and a locker filled with everything you will need and more. I am not talking about just your usual shower cap and qtips, I am talking about razor, comb, louffa, panty liner and more.  Our favorite was relaxation garden patios, which featured whirlpools and cold plunge pools.


We found the hotel to be a culinary treasure chest. From delicious food at the beach grill to a personal chef inspired cooking class ..everything was amazing. In total there are about 6-7 dining options here, out of which two are award winning restaurants- Fantino and The Club Grill

Our favorite was Casitas. Every night the staff at Ritz Carlton converted the day cabanas into an elegant romantic dinner table, You can enjoy your meal right under the moon with the sounds of waves serenating the atmosphere with romance. Its worth mentioning that Casitas is the only restaurant in the city that’s right on the beach making it a truly romantic experience. Its also open to public, so you don’t have to be staying at the Ritz to enjoy a meal there.


  • Try the Mayan Sanctuary Ritual at the spa- its an exotic massage experience performed with seashells in the privacy of the Spa’s beachfront terrace. The journey will start with a Mayan energetic cleaning using medicinal herbs and copal, like old Mayan travelers experienced in their journeys.
  • Book a room in the Club Level- You get your own private concierge and complimentary food at the culinary club lounge. The food presentations were not only creative but delicious. Especially their breakfast and lunch spreads! What’s also nice is that you can make your own cocktails there too so you end up saving quite a bit by not having to order breakfast or cocktails else where.
  • Reserve a cabana on the beach- its the best way to spend your day, it comes with a day bed, lounge chairs and a hammock.
  • Dine at the Casitas- the food is delicious and reasonably priced but nothing will beat the view.



The Ritz-Carlton Cancun is more than just your typical 5 star. its a perfect combination of relaxation, romance & fun and on top of that the hotel really knows how to roll out the red carpet for you. As you know Faisal and I travel quite a bit and we can honestly say we have never experienced such luxury and romance before, so definitely try booking one of their additional services to personalize your stay – you won’t regret it.



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