When in Andaz


Ola! Its a little challenging for me to get into my usual mode of reviewing this resort because when I think of our stay at Andaz Papagayo, I don’t think of the exquisite infinity pools, the decedent suites, the lavish spa or the private beaches, instead I think of the moments we shared because those moments were truly priceless. I think If you remember a place by its amenities that’s great but instead if you were to remember the place by the moments and experiences you shared it makes it that much more special.

Even though we stayed for 2 heavenly nights, when I think of Andaz, I think of the time 5 cute little monkeys climbed up on our balcony early morning and how excited we were to see them, I think of our nightly walks up the cliff and the sky full of stars. I think of Faisal and I swimming until the sun went down and no one to tell us to leave because the pools were closing, or the time we sat next to celebrity Chris Mintz and had dinner, I think of the old couple we saw at the restaurant who would bring their dancing shoes with them to dinner every night so they could eat and then dance the night away together.



Don’t get me wrong the infinity pools, the delicious food, the décor and all of that were spectacular and even some of the most luxurious ones we have seen which is awesome but I feel like in the future you will most probably be able to experience that luxury again at another upscale 5 star resort BUT you can’t always experience and have moments that will forever be dear to you.


Andaz has luxury written all over it! From the moment we turned the corner into the gated peninsula it felt like we were celebrities. You see Andaz Papagayo is almost located on its own peninsula (it only shares the land with one other five star property, The Four Seasons) its a very remote and private area making you feel like a total VIP. After entering the Andaz property we headed straight to the  lobby which was exquisite in its design and over looked the Culebra Bay. This is where we had the best check in service ever ..there was no waiting in line, no standing around, in fact we were told to take a seat and that the concierge will come to us and he did (along with welcome drinks and a cold towel.YAY!) It only took a minute for us to get our room keys and then we were whisked away in a golf cart to our suite.


We had the Standard King suite. It was a 560 square foot guestroom with a king size bed, a drop dead gorgeous walk in rain shower that opens up to a spacious balcony overlooking the jungle and occasionally monkeys.hehe. Talk about full immersion in nature eh! Oh and also the suite had a complimentary bar with snacks and non alcoholic beverages that were topped up daily and that’s not all, they even had gifts waiting for us in the room.. two sun hats, flip flops and a beach purse. How cool right?


  • Indoor/Outdoor Eco vibe
  • Motion detected lights in the rooms
  • Monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys
  • No pool timings- meaning they never close and you can swim under the stars whenever you want..so romantic! (Speaking of pools, they have a pool just for family and kids and a separate adults only infinity pool)
  • Talented mixologists on deck
  • Mixology classes- you can learn to make your favorite cocktail this is different from the rest of the mixology classes we have come across because this ones actually hands on
  • Live band at Chaeo Pescao (One of the 3 dining options)
  • Stunning Spa grounds
  • All inclusive options available


At Andaz they really go above and beyond to make sure you not only have comfortable stay but an unforgettable one. Andaz Papagayo aims to please and it does a fine job at it. As I said from now on whenever I think of Andaz or even Costa Rica actually, beautiful memories and special moments flood my mind and that’s not a bad ting. In fact isn’t that what life is about? Like they say ‘Its not about the breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away.’


P.S If you are looking to save a bit, I would suggest to visit in the rainy season. I know what you are thinking, usually we would never plan our trips during rainy season but in Costa Rica its not rain all day everyday. Its typically an afternoon shower and then there is plenty of sunshine. You will save about 33-46% during rainy season. And a plus point is all of Guanacaste will be lush green!



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