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A few weeks ago we needed a break so we decided to get a hotel and go for date night. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Toronto and had the best time ever.  So why did we love it so much? well for starters, we did not even know it existed..hubby and I both grew up in Toronto and over the years we have stayed at our fair share of hotels but we can’t believe that we had never heard about this hidden gem. So the fact that we got to explore a new hotel was a plus point on its own.

1)  Super friendly and accommodating staff- I am not just talking your typical ‘Sorrys’ and ‘Thank you’s’, I am talking about going above and beyond. For instance when we checked in we had to wait about 5-10 minutes for our room to be ready, the concierge comped our valet because of it. and no its not because we were bloggers, initially I had asked whether our parking would be covered and I was told it wasn’t, and I don’t even think the concierge girl checking us in knew we were bloggers so it was really just excellent customer service. Also when we had dinner, the servers came to ask you how you liked your meal and if everything was okay every time they served a new dish. I am a food blogger and I have never experienced this anywhere.

** FUN FACT** the grand hotel used to be an RCMP building and the regal stairs that lead up to the hotel were built so that no car was able to drive up and into it.

2)  Location- The hotel is located conveniently on Jarvis and Dundas. It’s a 10 min walk to Toronto Eaton center and surrounding hot spots like Nathan Philip square and Yonge and Dundas square.
and on top of that it has a reasonable parking rate of only 19 dollars overnight which includes unlimited ins and outs which is rare for a hotel in downtown.

3)  Beautiful Indoor Pool- This was not your traditional indoor hotel pool. The pool at this hotel was designed with great attention to detail, it looks and feels very grand and the beautiful balcony built only adds to the interior. Another plus point is that the change room boast a steam room and a sauna.

*** FUN FACT *** the stairwell was built hallow so that you can hear any sign of commotion from the bottom all the way to the top.

4) The Rooms- We were accommodated in what the grand hotel calls the “Ambassador Suite”. When we stepped in we were blown away. the room was so spacious and grand, it had 20 feet ceilings, a bedroom over looking the living space, 2 bathrooms, a balcony , a full kitchen, and enough closet space to fit Kim Kardashians clothes. lol If i had to say anything negative about this hotel it would be that i wish the rooms were a bit more modern, it could do with a bit of a make over.

5)  Rooftop- Aahh our favorite part of the hotel. The rooftop is the crown jewel for The Grand Hotel. Not only does the roof top give you some incredible views of Toronto’s skyline but it also has a hot tub on it (not just 1 but two!). They are both fairly decent sized hot tubs  which are open from 6 AM to 12:30 in the morning. The rooftop also occupies a large screen which plays music videos from 6 pm on wards. You can really soak up incredible views both day and night, we went there in the morning and night and felt like we were on vacation somewhere outside of Toronto.

6)  Breakfast- Last but not least, breakfast (The most important meal of the day:D)The room comes with complimentary breakfast. They had a wide spread of eggs, pancakes, croissants, bagels , cereals and juices. You aren’t allowed to take your breakfast up to the room but there is plenty of seating available and also a sun room which is really pretty to dine in.

Next time you are in Toronto or even if you live here but are wanting to go out for a little staycation or a weekend out, definitely hit up the Grand Hotel Toronto. you wont regret it!


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