5 Days in Barcelona


This post is extra special because this was a trip from my HONEYMOON!!! It was my first time going to Europe, well technically it was the second. My first time was when I was very young so I guess it doesn’t count. Anyways our first stop on our honeymoon was Barcelona



Las Rambla

Whether you are thinking of going to Barcelona or already booked your trip there is no better place to stay then Las Rambla ESPECIALLY if its your first time. This is the heart and soul of Barcelona, the famous boardwalk filled with tourists up and down the streets up until the wee hours. You will find endless souvenir shops, touristy cafes, street performers & artists. From Gelatos, to Tapas and many many alley ways to wonder there is no better place to stay.

Barri Gothic

This is one of Barcelona’s oldest neighbourhood, its famous for its old European style streets and alleys, small bars and street musicians . It’s very picturesque and lively. We ended up here a few times during our trip and enjoyed the vibe. Make sure not to spend all your time in the squares and to walk around in the alleys as they are filled with beautiful architecture and cathedrals.


This is one of Barcelona’s larger neighbourhoods, it’s where high fashion meets architect. A lot of people go to the Example to shop if you are looking for the high end stores and well known designers. Be sure to check out Guadis incredible Casa Malito while you are there! it’s actually a good neighborhood to do a small bike tour and walking tour.
Staying at any of the above will give you a good feel of Barcelona!


Initially I really wanted to stay in a hotel but Faisal (hubby) reminded me that we are on a budget and if we did Airbnb  here and in Rome (our next stop) then we could splurge in Greece where it really matters! I guess he was right because when we were in Barcelona we were barely ever home, we were always out and about. We found a great Airbnb right on the beginning of Las Rambla, it was a nice sized apartment which had everything we needed but bad wifi connection..BOO! But location was amazing and so I think it worked out great cuz who needs wifi when you are in Barcelona right?


Alright so here is where a lot of people might not agree with me, including my sis (Huda) but we were pretty disappointed in the food. We had heard amazing things about the food scene in Barcelona and were so excited but our expectations were definitely not met. First off if you like seafood there’s tons of it, but if you don’t (like us) you are already out of luck. However let’s be real when you tell someone you are going to Barcelona, the first thing they say is make sure you eat lots of TAPAS! We found that most of the restaurants offer the same few tapas. Nothing that we really liked other than Potato Baravas and Chicken Croquettes, make sure to try that! This could just be me though because personally I like a lot of flavor and a lot of spice in my food. Anyways don’t take my word for this, try the different foods and tell us what you think!

TIP: Stay away from the restaurants/ cafes on the strip on LA RAMBLA they are just tourist traps, walk a bit off course to try the local food. its more reasonably priced and it tastes better.

MUST TRY: Potato Bravas, Paella, Brunch n Cake


See & Do

1) Walk around Las Rambla
2) Check out the night life on the beach (there are tons of clubs, bars and shisha lounges) The beach is lit up until 5am so even if you don’t want to go party its a good spot to hang
3) Check out Montserrat and take the cable car up (its $10 euros each but highly recommended, the views are just breathtaking)
4) Check out Sagrada Famallia
5) Rent bikes and explore the city
6) Check out Park Guell



We walked around everywhere and then the last day we rented bikes (highly recommended). It really depends where in Barcelona you are staying but for the most part you can explore the city on foot, in fact you should because all the neighborhoods are very close to each other and you might miss a beautiful church or attraction if you dont. There are also plenty of cabs and public transport in case you are going somewhere far, The only time we took the cab was going to or coming back from the beach at night and the only time we took the metro was when we went to Camp No and the bus was when we went to Park Guell which was 30 minutes away.

Haute Tips

    • As mentioned before , no need to leave a tip!
    • If you are planning to hit up a club, do not pre buy the online club passes. Just go on the strip after 9pm and you will find tons of locals offering you deals to the clubs, 3 clubs for just 15 euros plus complimentary drink or shot. This also includes transport so it’s an amazing deal.
    • Keep some change on you because there are guys everywhere that sell beer on the street and beach for 1 euro each
    • Check out Brunch n Cake, it’s an amazing brunch spot we discovered and went almost every single day, expect a wait though. Their epic cheese cake is to die for.
    • Avoid eating on the Rambla strip because it’s a tourist trap.
    • The metro is your friend, get the day pass.
    • Unless you are a fancy shop, you can pretty much negotiate the price of an item
    • When you are booking day trips get the iadventure pass
    • Take the Airbus from the airport rather than a taxi, it’s really convenient and half the price.

Don`t leave Barcelona without

  • Trying a sangria
  • Filling up in tapas (whether you like it or not:p)
  • Strolling down La Rambla
  • Checking out the nightlife on the beach
  • Taking a guided tour of Sagrada Familia
  • Catch a game at Camp Nou

Our Itinerary

Day 1

  • We landed too early and couldn’t check in till 3 pm so we walked around La Catalonia Square and the Food Market.  
  • Spent the evening trying out different tapas and strolling up and down La Ramblas. At night we went to a Shisha lounge and walked up to the pier to enjoy some drinks. On our way back we ended up at a local club and partied till 4am!

Day 2

  • Had breakfast at Brunch and Cake!
  • Went to Park Guell to visit Gaudi’s famous art work and checked out his other famous architecture. By the time we got back it was pretty late

Day 3

  • Booked a tour for Sagrada Familia via iAdventure (no link but you can easily find it on Las Ramblas its one of the few shops that sell day trips
  • At night we headed to the beach and people watched

Day 4

  • Took a Day trip to the Montserrat. Highly recommended, has the best view ever! 
  • In the evening we went to Camp Nou to catch a game!! Hubbys a huge fan , Barcelona FB is actually his favorite team so he had bought tickets in advance. But we found that it was pretty easy to get tickets once you are there as well.

Day 5

  • Explored the Barri Gothic area, checked out lots of churches
  • Rented bikes and rode up to the waterfront
  • At night we went to the beach again to go clubbing (we purchased the 15 euro pass which lets you get into 3 clubs plus gives you drinks) but funny thing is we didn’t actually go into any of them. Just layed on the beach and people watched again. Suffice to say the beach is pretty lit!


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  1. November 12, 2016 / 6:04 am

    It was very nicely explained and well written.

  2. December 6, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    I’ve never been to Spain, although my husband and I are planning a visit hopefully next year. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    <3 Joy | fatmoments.com

    • hautebyhuda
      September 19, 2017 / 10:57 pm

      Glad you found them helpful! hop eyou have a great time!

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